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Parkade Sweeping

As part of our complete commercial property management service, AVA provides Alberta businesses with experienced street and parkade sweeping.


AVA’s sweeping equipment ranges from backpack blowers and scrapers for the tightest corners to Bobcat sweepers and Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper for roadways.

For each section of the parking lots, roadways and parkades we will collect detailed information that will help us quantify the effort and cost associated with each section.


The information collected will include time and equipment, accumulation of debris and oil and on site conditions. Our experience with other sites and especially as the database grows over time; we will be able to make better educated decisions on managing sweeping operations.


A big cost factor in sweeping operation is estimating the amount of material to haul and dispose which is a direct relation to the amount applied during winter sanding operations. Keeping track of that data alone is a great asset to our clients.

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