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Snow Removal

AVA utilizes a combination of in-house and approved partners to provide 24/7 snow and ice management services. AVA will work with the client to customize a snow and ice management program to meet the unique requirements at each facility. With our extensive experience in data collection and analysis we can help the client optimize snow management of all its sites year over year.

For all client sites we will collect detailed snow event information. The information collected will include snow accumulation, temperature, wind, type of snow, drifting and other site specific conditions. We find that this data can vary considerably from one site to another within city limits. In some cases several inches of snow accumulates in one part of the city and none in another part. Although such situations do not always formulate trends we believe it provides a starting point in helping us provide better site specific response to snow events. Over time, as the database grows, we will be able to make better educated decisions on managing snow operations.

Our goal is to share this data with the client as we do with all our clients so we may work together to reduce the costs associated with snow management while at the same time improve the process and associated safety.

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